Our Work

Brick by brick, we've build real-world sustainable
software solutions that empower organizations.

Value-Driven Solutions

Embracing true craftsmanship as our guiding principle, SolidLogix designs and delivers digital products that significantly enhance the value and efficiency of businesses in diverse sectors, whether commercial or public.


Application Spotlight

Every new project is an opportunity for Solid Logix experts to help our partners design, build,scale and support exceptional software. The products we build are changing the way industry leaders do their core business.

Access Management

Access Management

Discover how we transformed Sevita Health's security landscape in our comprehensive case study—explore the innovative solutions and strategic implementations that significantly enhanced their enterprise access management.

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Technologies We've Mastered

When it comes to rapidly developing applications, we rely on proven technologies. We've mastered a lot. Depth is reaching into unstructured data sets with ease and building database solutions best suited for our client's needs. Breadth is seen in our knowledge reach dating back to early coding languages like C++ to modern and trending languages like React.